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The Kate Winslet

It’s been said that Kate Winslet, nominated for her role as a concentration camp guard in The Reader, doesn’t really drink, but she has been seen holding a glass of Champagne from time to time. For a cocktail that looks as aristocratic as Winslet does, start with a mixture of London dry gin and red-currant jelly and top it off with dry sparkling wine. Bejewel each glass with a garnish of fresh red currants.

2 Tbsp red-currant jelly
2 oz water (1/4 cup) 
4 oz (1/2 cup) London dry gin
1 (750-ml) bottle well-chilled brut Champagne or Prosecco

GARNISH: fresh red currants

• Heat jelly and water in a small saucepan, whisking, until jelly has dissolved. Stir in gin and chill until cold. Divide gin mixture among 6 Champagne flutes, then top with Champagne.



Amrita Singh Earrings

If you have already seen the film Slum Dog Millionaire, you were undoubtedly captivated by the spellbindingly striking elements of Indian culture. Perhaps it was the inspiring romance, perseverance or passion of the characters as depicted in the film that only perpetuated my intrigue. The lavish hues, opulent gold embellishments and airily draped silhouettes mesmerized, jumping off the silver screen. When shopping at I encountered Indian designer Amrita Singh. These contrasting red and gold earrings will add an opulent charm to your ensemble, accessorizing you look with the allure discovered in this epic story and for a mere moment you too can feel like an exotic Indian beauty.



Rebecca Taylor Peasant Dress

After lines are presented at fashion week, depending on the designer, the designs are either taken back to design or are taken straight to product, where they begin to mull over the logistics to make these garments available to the mass market. Therefore, some designers sell a line that is inspired by their runway pieces or, as in the case of Rebecca Taylor, the items you fell in love with at fashion week can be the newest lust-worthy additions to your wardrobe within mere months.

I loved the bohemian feel of Rebecca Taylor’s collection. These hippie inspired pieces captured the laid back chic of summer. Casually airy peasant dresses captured my heart and I knew this particular dress had to be mine. Paired with a studded pair of deep mahogany gladiators and a braided head-wrap you will have the perfectly relaxed look for spring.



Visiting Chicago

Eskell Boutique, Bucktown.

While my loyalty will always lie with New York and 7th Avenue, there is definitely something to be said for combining the excitement of an urban Mecca and grounding it in good ole’ Midwestern charm. After loosing the battle with the economic turbulence of 2009, I devastatingly lost the boutique where I first fell in love with fashion. With this disappointment, it would be an understatement to say that I needed some cheering up. My solution came as a delightful weekend getaway. Instead of opting for an Oceanside daiquiri

p.45, Bucktown.

while relaxing and soaking in the salty breeze, I preferred a weekend filled with sample sales, boutique scouring, and absorbing the trends sported by the fashionistas of the windy city. This trip should garner the knowledge to allow me to parlay the best of Michigan Ave. to all of my favorite readers.
Please check out these websites for two of my favorite boutiques, so you too can have a little taste of Chicago. Please stay tuned for a glimpse of some of this city’s up and coming stores.




The Fashion Week Daily Bite

I know that fashion week may be over, but that does not mean that the excitement is! I find myself endlessly pulled to Fashion Week’s home page, scouring the hundreds of pictures and reviews hoping that the inspiration seeping from the runways will penetrate the mundane makeup of the recent trends.

Daily Delight:




I know that I have mentioned my new designer crush on Amy Smilovic of Tibi, but after her showing for Fall ’09 it is absolutely worth repeating that I have found exactly what my fashion tooth has been craving in Tibi. This season’s collection was the perfect combination of feminine playfulness and a flirty color palette that is typical of this designer. However, the line was further infused with the unpredictable accents based on the Russian folktale of “The Tale of the Firebird”, that kept this collection nothing short of refreshing.

 “I’m pushing the envelope more,” she said before the show. “Every print is crazier. I’m designing pieces my girl has to have.” 

– Amy Smilovic an excerpt from the review



Chris Benz

Contemporary designer Chris Benz usually opts to hold a showing over the typical runway format. Although he has always had an instinctively offbeat appeal, Benz has never seemed capable of crafting a desirable balance of wearabillity and imagination.

However, Fall 2009 has turned a page, delivering my favorite show all week. In my book, surpassing many of the fashion powerhouses. This season Benz reworked 60s Mod pieces in a mix of primary and secondary colors. The majority of the show was dominated by monochromatic themes, bridging into the finally of colorful abstract splatter prints that solidly unified the collection. His use of unexpected metallics and asymmetrical patterns added an off-kilter tone, propelling this collection beyond just traditional notions of beauty.


Here is a clip of the showing:


The Fashion Week Daily Bite

Daily Delight:

Nanette Lepore

As many of you know, my loyalty will always lie with my favorite design team at Nanette Lepore. Being a long time follower of this native Ohioan, I was overjoyed to see the fabulous reception of her Fall 2009 collection. This collection seemed a bit of a departure from Lepore’s typical romanticism, instead trading this in for a contemporary bohemian edge. The most admirable quality of this talented designer is her ability to reinvent simple staples as cuts each season, carefully evolving these pieces with her ever changing customer.

Congratulations to the design team! Please indulge in a few of their many glowing reviews:

“Nanette girls are hippies at heart, which is why the free-spirited Ohio designer has such a loyal following. But this season, she toughened up her girly crew with small doses of leather pants, plaid jackets, and gold-grommeted LBDs. And it worked. Save for the distracting leopard print belts and booties, this collection was pretty, printed and exploding with must-haves come fall.

Cheerful combos of purple plaid coats, glittery gold skirts, silk paisley dresses, striped wooly gloves, and lush velvet frocks set our hearts aflutter – we’re already imagining ourselves in one of her embellished blouses tucked into tweed mini shorts.

“Staying true to herself, Lepore marched on with her “Save the Garment Center” cause (initiated last season), but took it a step further by handing out stamped postcards already addressed to Mayor Bloomberg. Attendees’ signatures were all that was required in an effort to promote “made in the USA.”

On the boldface front, “Mad Men’s” on-screen – and real life – couple, John Slattery and Talia Balsam took up front row real estate, but smartly kept a low profile. For any Nanette fan, the clothes are the real treat.”

– The New York Post

“When the lights flared and the music blasted–and the first technicolored dress rounded the corner at Nanette Lepore–the audience received a high dosage of sensory overload. These are clothes with punch, so no wonder Lepore churns out best-sellers time and time again. As usual, she takes a new twist each season, and those updated tweed jackets and twee ribbon dresses felt especially fresh, thanks to the a kaleidoscope of rainbow colors and modern cuts. Above all, the collection was the embodiment of cheer–just what fashion needs in times like these. Keep making these dresses, Nanette, and we’ll keep buying!”

– Fashion Week Daily

The Fashion Week Daily Bite

Daily Delight:

Tracy Reese










When the retail industry is wallowing is despair, there is nothing like a revitalizing showing from Tracy Reese to do what Fashion Week is supposed to: rejuvenate the enthusiasm for fashion and leave buyers eagerly anticipating what is to come. Reese infused her collection with her usual joyous whimsy, combining 20s silhouettes and creative styling with a menagerie leather bombers, knit stockings and hats. The integration of casual elements kept the collection young and modern, better aligning the collection with its contemporary clientele. 

Stay tuned….. there will be more to come from the runways of New York Fashion Week Fall 2010!

The Weekender

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Vodka Martini  

 1 1/2 oz Vodka

3/4 oz Dry Vermouth 

1 Olive

Mixing Instructions:

Shake the vodka and vermouth together with a number of ice cubes, strain into a cocktail glass, add the olive and serve.

This is the martini that James Bond drinks in the books and films. (Although he drinks it somewhat drier than this – more Vodka, less Vermouth).



White Cocktail Dresses
Constanze Racer Back Dress by Acne

While the little black dress is undoubtedly a staple in any woman’s wardrobe, I urge you to push against the ridiculous alleged fashion faux pas of wearing white after labor day and invest in a beautiful season appropriate white cocktail dress. When most women turn to the LBD as a standby, you will stand out in your  white satin dress. The crisp cut and elegant fabric will allow this piece to translate from Fall to Spring. The key to avoiding a fashion disaster is fabric weight. If you choose a material that is bi-seasonal you will be able to break the ridiculously rigid “rulebook” and secure your status as a true fashionista.





Tickets to Fashion Week

For any lover of the fashion industry, this week is an incredibly exhilarating time. While breathlessly awaiting the preview of what is to line the pages of Elle, the racks at Bendel’s and grace the ladies of Gossip Girl come Fall of 2009, but its painstaking not to envy those lucky few who have made their way to Bryant Park to aid in the chaos of Fashion Week

While checking the web page for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week daily is unbelievably thrilling, I cannot help but turn green at the though of my lucky friends assisting backstage, helping to call models, handing out gift bags, helping celebs find their seats, and enjoying the thrill of absorbing the excitement of the epitome of U.S. Fashion.



Playing Hostess

In traditional fashion, my roommate and I will be hosting a little soiree this evening, on the eve of St.Valentine’s day. The collision of today, Friday the 13th, and the Saint’s day of lovers has persuaded us to put side the more conventional sentiments of romance and focus on an

atypical notion, grounded in mystery, excitement and suspense. This evening, inspired by the romanticism of films by filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock, will showcase a peculiar intoxication of the haunting scenes of his classics. This twist on a seemingly predictable holiday should prove to be an interesting evening. 



Look forward to updates on  the Fashion Week trends and please don’t forget to post your your style dilemmas for “Fashion Finder”. 

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!

Fashion Finder…..

Is there a constantly illusive item that you are dying to add to your wardrobe? A piece that relentlessly occupies your thoughts? Searching for the perfect riding boot, camel colored satchel, shoes to match your new Abaté cocktail dress, or that mystery accessory that will bring every outfit together?  Have you been scouring the racks from Barneys to Bergdorf’s? Have you sifted through the web from Shopbop to Revolve? Flipped through the pages of every publication from Lucky to Bazaar?

 And still no luck? Ask Me! 

Let me solve your fashion dilemma. I will organize range possibilities from various websites.  Acting as your own personal stylist, I can help you find exactly what your looking for, tell you where to get it, and  how to look and feel your best wearing it.

Please post what are looking for as a comment to this entry, trying to include as much detail as possible. After doing a little research, I will dedicate a post to your “Fashion Find”

Thanks ladies! I look forward to helping you soon!

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La Poire Peartini


2 parts GREY GOOSE La Poire Flavored Vodka 

1/4 part DISARONNO Originale Liqueur 

3/4 parts simple syrup 

3/4 parts lemon juice 

1 thin pear slice 



Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well until the outside 

of the shaker is frosted and beaded with sweat. Strain into a martini glass and 

garnish with pear slice. 


If you prefer a sweeter cocktail, adjust the simple syrup and lemon juice to 

3/4 parts each.



Dresses by Tibi


Full Size ImageFull Size Image

 While my true love will always be Nanette Lepore, I may have developed bit of a new designer crush. While I have always adored the feminine but modern prints of this contemporary line, however, I never appreciated Tibi’s ability to create pieces that are current, but also maintain a classically unique appeal that make them accessible season to season.




Hot Pink Accessories

The key to any successful ensemble is perfect placement of “pops” of color. Yesterday, while working at our annual sample sale, I found myself suggesting to nearly every client to add a range of accessories in this neon hue. 

Not only does adding a neon pink accessory balance a basic ensemble, but it you the opportunity to standout, when a traditional black dress may look phenomenal but will only help you blend in.

Alexander McQueen Neon panel clutchGivenchy Cut-out shoe bootsAccessories 06 fuschsia sequin beret £16.jpg








I know that adorning this trend may be a bit intimidating for the conservative few, but when paired with other neutral pieces, this once item will become the focal point for your look and you can be certain that it will not overwhelm the eye.

I am a bit embarrassed to say that I have seen a few episodes of “The City”, a reality series on MTV. Aside from its hilariously delusional portrayal of the fashion industry, its drama is a guilty pleasure that I would rather not indulge in. I would like to take my pathetic encouragement of the series a bit further, to suggest the possibility of styling an outfit with the sequined beret above, as seen on the series’ character Erin, while at a club downtown. Despite my desperate attempt to discourage my peers from emulating these reality TV show characters, my lust for this accessory is beyond my control.

Here are a few additional possibilities to spice up your basics:

Speed > Patterned Rose Square ScarfASOS | ASOS Coloured Satin Knot Belt at ASOS







At the time, your best-friend’s camera Nazi-ing may have irritated you beyond belief, but in hindsight having evidence that “Yes dear, Mommy did have friends,” and that your youth was spend exactly as it should be – close girlfriends in hand, ready to take on the town. 

My love for interesting coffee table books and my disinterest for scrap-booking, led me to A site that specializes in transforming a reel of film into a delightful coterie of memories suitable to adorn your coffee table.