Providing a Midwestern fashion intern’s view on the inspiration and creativity exploding from Fashion Avenue, in the heart of the garment district, New York City. 

“I grew up in a dead beige suburb, just counting the minutes before I could move to New York and design clothes, and I wanted to live in a place where I could dare to be lucky and live out loud.”

– Lipstick Jungle


5 responses to “MidwestMeets7thAve

  1. Dear MidWestMeets7thAve,

    Why have you stopped writing? Have you migrated to write somewhere else?

    I was referred to your blogging by someone in our team as a great college fashion blogger. I was reading your insights, and then was disappointed to see the most recent date was March …

    Blank Label is a student-run startup that has been around for just a year now, and looking to expand both via a campus presence and a new web platform that should roll out in the next two weeks.

    We’re trying to connect with other college fashionistas looking to make great change in the way corporate america adopts college fashion. Below is a blurb and a link to video for fun.


    Fan Bi
    Blank Label
    e: fbi@blank-label.com
    o: 781 581 1688
    c: 781 591 9924

    Entering the corporate world in accounting, investments and banking, Peter, Max and Fan were depressed by the monotonous nature of their new work environments. This was only further compounded by what they wore. Look left, look right, if you are at work, you look all the same. At college they wore their American Apparel hoodies, Threadless tees, Lucky Brand jeans, and Nike kicks – there was color, there was life and there was fun. Why couldn’t it be the same at work? Why can’t you go to the department store and get fitted out in a fly suit that really represents your swagger? Don’t ask the old guy there, he’ll get confused.

    As a leading provider of custom suits and shirts for college students and young professionals, Blank Label lets you be who you want to be. Like Brando and James Dean before it, Blank Label looks to change the way people look at themselves. Understanding the formality of corporate environments and at the same time allowing self-expression, Blank Label represents subtle yet profound individuality.

    Blank Label is Tailored to the Individual.


  2. Non-stop writing. You’ve got a great mind for it ! All I want to say isthat your article is brilliant.

  3. It was interesting. You seem to bevery acquainted someone in your areaof knowledge.

  4. I am back to lear from this again…… and add it to my favorites!

  5. Super man! 😛 Cool posting.

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