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The Daily Bite

My recent introduction to Nary Manivong, which don’t worry, I won’t leave you in the dark too much longer- I need another day or two to lick my wounds, while abrupt spurred me to do a bit of investigation. 

Other then being completely charming in person, he is a fellow Midwesterner, Ohioan actually, which earned him major brownie-points with me. To add to my growing admiration Manivong’s story is nothing short of inspirational. This once homeless, self-taught designer has risen to acclaim of Women’s Wear Daily and  Fashion Group International. He has also been featured in the documentary Dressed (to view the trailer, click on the clip below).

“This is my invention. Every woman who wears my clothes is also wearing a part of me. She will look timeless, confident, sexy, modern and yet classic all together. I want her to feel good, look good and ready to go out in her off-hours.”

Manivong not only seems to be an unmistakeably admirable individual, but also incredibly talented. His pieces are completely wearable, but also (as he alluded) will translate seamlessly  from season to season. He appears to have has a restrained opulence and  an ever present luxury that is wrought with a captivating femininity.

Spring 2008


Fall 2009














I found this last excerpt from an interview with the designer exceedingly beneficial:

“My advice to members of the younger generation out there is to be true to yourself. Of course you will have positive and negative people around you, but do go with the positive. Achieve something from nothing. You have to make it, and to make it you have to really be yourself, be who you are, be real and do the best for yourself.”