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Pisco Punch

You can always trust the Pegu Club to whip up a tasty Cocktail. Thank goodness New York Magazine stole the recipe.












Pineapple Pisco
1 750-mL bottle of Pisco Capel
1 pineapple
Lime Syrup
2 limes
16 oz. simple syrup, chilled
Grapefruit Syrup
1 white grapefruit 
16 oz. simple syrup, chilled 
750 mL pineapple-infused Pisco
8 1/2 oz. lime syrup
8 1/2 oz. grapefruit syrup
12 3/4 oz. fresh lemon juice


Pineapple Pisco
Cut pineapple into chunks, and put into a covered jar. Add bottle of Pisco. Cover, shake to agitate, and refrigerate for 3 days. Strain and store in refrigerator.

Lime Syrup
Zest the rind of 2 limes into 16 oz. of cold simple syrup. Cover, shake to agitate, and refrigerate for 24 hours. Strain off zest and store in refrigerator.

Grapefruit Syrup
Zest the rind of 1 white grapefruit into 16 oz. of cold simple syrup. Cover, shake to agitate, and refrigerate for 24 hours. Strain off zest and store in refrigerator.

In large bowl, combine pineapple Pisco, lime syrup, grapefruit syrup, and lemon juice. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours. Place ice block into bowl before serving. Garnish chilled cocktail glasses with pineapple leaves. 



Flippa K Dress

Flippa K Dress

Flippa K Dress

My mission as of late has been to master the day to evening look. Creating a wardrobe that works as hard as you do is rather daunting. A simple stand-by is a basic dress with stand-out accessories. 

This Flippa K dress has a simple neckline that keeps the goods under wraps, but also but shows enough to be able to “sex it up” for evening. The strong shoulders both keeps it in toe with the 80s ubiquitous reincarnation. 

Pair with a pair of peep-toe bootie, like the Brian Atwood pair featured below, with a patent sheen and enough height to parlay this dress  to your evening venue. The necklace by Dirty Librarian Chains, which let’s be honest, half of the fun is calling it by name, is a perfect pop of gold, with staggered lengths that will keep this look from being an office snooze.


Pair with the following:

Card Catalog Necklace by Dirty Librarian Chains

Card Catalog Necklace by Dirty Librarian Chains

Brian Atwood Bootie

Brian Atwood Bootie


Miu Miu Tote



See by Chloe Dress


See by Chloe Dress

Envision a dimly lit club on Little West Twelfth. Smelling of sweet liquors swigged by dark gentlemen in tipped fedoras, melded with the gentle musk of cologne. After confidently striding past the bouncer in stomp worthy stilettos, you  make your entrance.

Your low-slung bag taps gently against your swaying hips as you move to the soft techno mix of the house DJ, slash your  soon to be BFF. It’s not your look that screams party girl, after all you chose to toss on that 80s vintage boyfriend blazer hidden in your mother’s closet, it’s just merely your attitude. 

As you engage in your usual social dance across the room, you steal the attention of every bad-boy you meet, drowning in a world of glamour, vanity and champagne.

As you awake from your delightful day dream, make sure you thank Chloe for your make believe moment as Ms. Vanderwoodsen.




Painting My Apartment


Moving back from New York has proved to create a longer To-Do list than Nancy Pelosi’s. 

I recall a time, I believe maybe it was first grade, when your social status was define by both you and Crayola. I kid you not! You had committed a social faux-pas if you were missing one of the three critical colors; Razzle-Dazzle Pink, Jungle Green and Robins-Egg Blue. If only it were still that easy t stay among the in-crowd.

As a throwback to our Crayola Crayons of Old, when choosing what color to splash against my bedroom walls, I turned fondly to a familiar color. Adorning my bedroom walls will be a harmonious blend of Robins-Egg Blue, splashes of black silhouettes and white and black printed accents. Definitely not Elle Decor, but an attempt to make the drabness of  beige and white a bit more bearable and perhaps bring back a memory 



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