The Fashion Week Daily Bite

I know that fashion week may be over, but that does not mean that the excitement is! I find myself endlessly pulled to Fashion Week’s home page, scouring the hundreds of pictures and reviews hoping that the inspiration seeping from the runways will penetrate the mundane makeup of the recent trends.

Daily Delight:




I know that I have mentioned my new designer crush on Amy Smilovic of Tibi, but after her showing for Fall ’09 it is absolutely worth repeating that I have found exactly what my fashion tooth has been craving in Tibi. This season’s collection was the perfect combination of feminine playfulness and a flirty color palette that is typical of this designer. However, the line was further infused with the unpredictable accents based on the Russian folktale of “The Tale of the Firebird”, that kept this collection nothing short of refreshing.

 “I’m pushing the envelope more,” she said before the show. “Every print is crazier. I’m designing pieces my girl has to have.” 

– Amy Smilovic an excerpt from the review



Chris Benz

Contemporary designer Chris Benz usually opts to hold a showing over the typical runway format. Although he has always had an instinctively offbeat appeal, Benz has never seemed capable of crafting a desirable balance of wearabillity and imagination.

However, Fall 2009 has turned a page, delivering my favorite show all week. In my book, surpassing many of the fashion powerhouses. This season Benz reworked 60s Mod pieces in a mix of primary and secondary colors. The majority of the show was dominated by monochromatic themes, bridging into the finally of colorful abstract splatter prints that solidly unified the collection. His use of unexpected metallics and asymmetrical patterns added an off-kilter tone, propelling this collection beyond just traditional notions of beauty.


Here is a clip of the showing:



3 responses to “The Fashion Week Daily Bite

  1. Thanks for keeping me updated on the best of fashion week. It’s such an easy way for me to keep up with the newest and most delightful styles. If you find a cute spring jacket that would be right for me, please let me know. I’m caught between wanting something cheery and something that will go with everything.

  2. Thanks for keeping me updated on the best of fashion week. It’s such an easy way to keep up with the newest styles.

  3. Agreed:-)
    You are wonderfulll

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