The Weekender

Listening to:

\One Week of Danger\


Vodka Martini  

 1 1/2 oz Vodka

3/4 oz Dry Vermouth 

1 Olive

Mixing Instructions:

Shake the vodka and vermouth together with a number of ice cubes, strain into a cocktail glass, add the olive and serve.

This is the martini that James Bond drinks in the books and films. (Although he drinks it somewhat drier than this – more Vodka, less Vermouth).



White Cocktail Dresses
Constanze Racer Back Dress by Acne

While the little black dress is undoubtedly a staple in any woman’s wardrobe, I urge you to push against the ridiculous alleged fashion faux pas of wearing white after labor day and invest in a beautiful season appropriate white cocktail dress. When most women turn to the LBD as a standby, you will stand out in your  white satin dress. The crisp cut and elegant fabric will allow this piece to translate from Fall to Spring. The key to avoiding a fashion disaster is fabric weight. If you choose a material that is bi-seasonal you will be able to break the ridiculously rigid “rulebook” and secure your status as a true fashionista.





Tickets to Fashion Week

For any lover of the fashion industry, this week is an incredibly exhilarating time. While breathlessly awaiting the preview of what is to line the pages of Elle, the racks at Bendel’s and grace the ladies of Gossip Girl come Fall of 2009, but its painstaking not to envy those lucky few who have made their way to Bryant Park to aid in the chaos of Fashion Week

While checking the web page for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week daily is unbelievably thrilling, I cannot help but turn green at the though of my lucky friends assisting backstage, helping to call models, handing out gift bags, helping celebs find their seats, and enjoying the thrill of absorbing the excitement of the epitome of U.S. Fashion.



Playing Hostess

In traditional fashion, my roommate and I will be hosting a little soiree this evening, on the eve of St.Valentine’s day. The collision of today, Friday the 13th, and the Saint’s day of lovers has persuaded us to put side the more conventional sentiments of romance and focus on an

atypical notion, grounded in mystery, excitement and suspense. This evening, inspired by the romanticism of films by filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock, will showcase a peculiar intoxication of the haunting scenes of his classics. This twist on a seemingly predictable holiday should prove to be an interesting evening. 



Look forward to updates on  the Fashion Week trends and please don’t forget to post your your style dilemmas for “Fashion Finder”. 

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!


3 responses to “The Weekender

  1. Sarah… this is incredible.. I love you!! keep up the good work! =]

  2. officially Jealous of this blog 😀 …. can’t wait to read on! WOW YOU ARE ON FIRE! THIS GIRLS <<<< GOT TALENT!!! 😀

  3. you never cease to amaze meeeeee

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