Fashion Finder…..

Is there a constantly illusive item that you are dying to add to your wardrobe? A piece that relentlessly occupies your thoughts? Searching for the perfect riding boot, camel colored satchel, shoes to match your new Abaté cocktail dress, or that mystery accessory that will bring every outfit together?  Have you been scouring the racks from Barneys to Bergdorf’s? Have you sifted through the web from Shopbop to Revolve? Flipped through the pages of every publication from Lucky to Bazaar?

 And still no luck? Ask Me! 

Let me solve your fashion dilemma. I will organize range possibilities from various websites.  Acting as your own personal stylist, I can help you find exactly what your looking for, tell you where to get it, and  how to look and feel your best wearing it.

Please post what are looking for as a comment to this entry, trying to include as much detail as possible. After doing a little research, I will dedicate a post to your “Fashion Find”

Thanks ladies! I look forward to helping you soon!


One response to “Fashion Finder…..

  1. One of my favorite sections!! I feel obligated to comment on every page cuz this is AWSOME! mmmhhmmm love you so much…
    Annie ❤ ❤ ❤

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