The Weekender

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Catch-22 Cocktail  

  • 6 tablespoons Batavia arrack
  • 6 tablespoons manzanilla Sherry
  • 6 tablespoons Clément Créole Shrubb
  • 6 teaspoons Homemade Chocolate Liqueur
  • Ice cubes
  • 4 orange peel strips


Chill 4 Martini glasses in freezer 30 minutes. Combine all liquors in cocktail shaker; add ice cubes and shake to chill. Strain mixture into cold glasses. Garnish each with orange peel strip.



Party Dresses

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Maybe, it is my constant desire to play hostess or my dream that cocktail attire might soon become suitable day wear, but I find myself looking to indulge in yet another fantastic party dress. 

This fuchsia number, by Cynthia Vincent is one pair of Manolos, a batch of Magnolia Cupcakes and a glass of champagne away from a satisfying get-together with friends.


(Magnolia Bakery. Vanilla Cupcake Recipe)

Live a little. Indulge your inner hostess!





Yes, a trend that might seem so last season, but I cannot imagine surviving winter with out this functional garment.  My go-to garment not only accessorizes but provides the possibility to  endure the despicable winter chills. 

Add these inexpensive supplements to a basic outfit to revive any seemingly monotonous ensemble. While I am a firm believer in adhearing to your own fashion rules, to those who seek the approval of Anna Wintour and Co., no need to worry, Vogue’s on line home has endorsed and even encouraged this fashion trend. (Read Vogue Article)

Too shy to rock the mini-dress in the middle of winter? No problem. Solution: Opaque tights. This alternative to leggings is much sleeker, season appropriate and a bit more conservative. Feel free to experiment with patterns, lace, brights, metallics, solids and liquid finishes. This accessory is fashion meets function or what I like to call a match made in heaven.



Getting Centered

I started off as a complete yoga skeptic. For a extreme type-A personality, the idea of quieting the constant barrage of thoughts, holding still, my head bowed between my knees,  focusing on the subtle in-and-outs of my breath, had previously seemed impossible. I, like many, have difficulty in situations in which I lack feelings of mastery. The thought that I found the simple task of slowing down and quietly listening to the wants and needs of my body incredibly daunting, bothered me to no end. Therefore, with the persistent effort of my roommate, I made several guest appearances at Cleveland Yoga, each time attempting to become less incarcerate by judgement than the last.

After a rough week, I made my way to the yoga studio sans my roomie. I had given in to the idea that yoga would simply be my physical activity for the day, but not the religious experience it has now become for my BFF

Maybe, it was my desperate need to connect to something greater, a class with a different Yogi or the emotionally taxing events of the week, but I was soon conquered by the out-of-body experience, I yearned for.

I connected with waltz of my breath. The pirouette within my chest cart-wheeled into the humid room,  then circling to the beating drums of the loud-speaker, only to again pull inward, and thus subsiding all my thoughts, fears and hesitations. I was finally put at ease with the world around me. As I woke from the meditation, I again remembered how truly blessed I am. 

(Find a class so you too can get centered.)


Please enjoy your weekend! I hope you too find a way to connect with how lucky you too are to be alive!


2 responses to “The Weekender

  1. I can’t wait to become a “yogi” with you!

  2. yogayogayogaaaa:-)

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