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Style Innovator: Patricia Field 



To have personal style is a blessing. To revolutionize the contemporary identity of fashion is quite another. Case and point, stylist, costume designer and entrepreneur, Patricia Field. This vibrantly haired firecracker has reinvented the cast of Cashmere Mafia, The Devil Wears Prada and her most notable work on Sex and the City.  Her ability to transform television from a one dimensional realm populated by lifeless clones to an idealistic cerebral high that brings this slew of stiletto clacking Manhattanites to life. The ferocity and dedication of Field’s following is unparalleled, and rightly so, she has instilled the belief in millions of women that fashion is accessible, personal style is mandatory and that taking fashion risks is absolutely must.
Field’s extensive resume includes work on the following television programs and major motion pictures:


Confessions of a Shopahollic” (2009)




Isla_fisher_shopaholicIt is easy to fall in love with Becky (Rebecca) Bloomwood, however, prescreenings of the film have left audiences and critics disappointed. The Sophie Kinsellanovel described a clumsy, charismatic and compassionate compulsive shopper 

who would rightly give her life for this season’s Alexander Mc Queen’s corseted dresses. While many have pegged  Esila Fischer’s character as an Ugly Betty reincarnate, I find her look perfectly vivacious, wittily striking and larger than life. 



“Cashmere Mafia” ( 2008 )



This program, once called “the new Sex and the City” sadly never made a repeat appearance. In its brief debut, Field utilized exclusive designer labels, joining a range of vibrant and subtly hues or conservative and garish accessories paint four sharply dressed New York female powerhouses.  Using massive Kenneth Jay Lane gold hoops, a flame orange checkered vintage poncho and a pair Christian Louboutin sky-high peep-toe pump, my favorite character, the hardnosed, domineering and aggressive Mia Mason, played by Lucy Liu The actress says of Field:

“She is remarkable. She turns everything upside down and then belts it and it’s perfect. She could make a paper bag look great and modern and sleek.”

Get Mia’s Look:

Kenneth Jay Lane Enamel flower necklace


Just Cavalli Satin Pencil SkirtFull Size Image

Full Size Image

Full Size Image

















The Devil Wears Prada” (2006)


Lauren Wiesberger‘s best selling novel depicts the ruthless, wicked and sinfully well-dressed editor and chief of “Runway” magazine, Miranda Priestly. This untouchable fictional figurehead of the publishing world wore crisp suits, styled with Field’s usual and unexpected  flair.

 However, more importantly is the transformation Andy Sachs, newbie to the fashion world, played by actress Anne Hathaway, undergoes that truly captures Field’s incredible range. This film illuminates her status as far more then a stylist, catapulting her to a status far beyond her previous counterparts. She is a storyteller, an illustrator and a silent fairy-godmother to Hathaway’s character.



“Sex and the City” HBO Series (1998-2004)


No show has successfully romanticized singledom  quite like the four women of “Sex and the City“.  Jennifer Hudson sang it well, who need love when you have labels?  Not only did Patricia Field make us fall in love with Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, but she indulged us with a fourth character, the fashion. She shaped a fifth a indentity through a collage of Oscar de la Renta, Dres Van Noten, Alexander McQueen and Chanel. But not only did this visionary craft masterpieces from the cream of the fashion crop, but she also infused their wardrobes with the likes of lesser known designers. This harmonious blend employed an unconventional ways superbly demonstrated Field’s greater adherence to the  fashion creed, “you must take risks. You will not go anywhere playing it safe,” as Michael Kors would say.
Most importantly Patricia Field brought millions of women to their TV sets every Sunday night, eagerly awaiting even a whisper of the melodiously convincing chords that comforted with the thought that were among the coterie  fashion elite. 

In a New York Magazine article, by Sharon Clott, she says of Field, At first she shied away from disclosing her other all-time favorite Sex and the City outfits because, she said, ‘People ask me that all the time, It puts you in some box.’ But eventually we got her to open up about her favorite looks from the movie and if she’s sick of all the hype yet. Also, find out what she thinks about “tears of fashion.”
click here to read the full article



Get the Samantha Jones look:

Full Size Image

Full Size Image

Full Size Image












Patricia Field’s resume further includes Hope & Faith (2003-2006), Dirty Sexy Money (2007), Six Degrees (2006-2007) and Suburban Girl (2007).

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